GST rates revealed: overall non-inflationary, but not for urban middle class

India recently moved one step closer to the 1 July implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) by announcing the tax rates for 1,211 items on 18 May, 2017. The tax rates for services are yet to be announced....Continued

Foreign companies must take notice of India GST

Avalara is starting to hear from the customers outside India regarding the impact GST may have on non-Indian firms. Let's find out impact of GST on MNCs...Continued

3 reasons why GST compliance ratings matter

All businesses have an incentive to manage their compliance effectively, not just to reduce headaches but also to maintain a high compliance rating. Here are the ways a business’s compliance rating can get impacted....Continued

GST impact on refunds of taxes paid by exporters

Finance Ministry has recently assured exporters will get refunds for 90 percent of taxes paid within seven days under GST. Let's find out more....Continued

Invoicing under new GST regime

Under GST regime, the government is implementing, invoicing format that should facilitate computation of taxes on invoiced goods or services. Read more...Continued

Tax implication on goods returned post GST

With GST around the corner, businesses must take stock of how returns could be impacted, during the transition phase. Here is the tax implication....Continued

Be ready for GST: 5 Transition strategies for CFOs

Parliament has approved the GST bills, and we are now one step closer to GST. Here are 5 ways CFOs can best prepare and get ready for GST. Read more...Continued

Anti-profiteering clause in GST India

Under the Anti-profiteering clause, the government will quickly address complaints that have an adverse impact on competition and market forces. Read more...Continued

How to e-Sign your GST returns

Digital signing and filing of GSTR will all occur within the GST Common Portal, making compliance easy for taxpayers. Let's find out how to eSign....Continued

How to file GST returns efficiently

The purpose of this blog is to give readers a brief overview of GST Returns and how to file efficiently using automation....Continued