Sales Tax Tips

Implications of GST for Indian Exporters

February 19, 2017

GST will impact Indian exporters big time. Here is a blog shedding light on those implications.

How is GST a Growth Opportunity for Manufacturing?

January 30, 2017

Indian Manufacturing sector is uniquely placed in current taxation structure. Lets find out how manufacturers can reap benefits while transitioning to GST.

Automation to Deal with Demonetization and GST Compliance

December 1, 2016

Tax automation is an answer to Demonetization and GST Compliance in India. Lets find out how through this blog.

Taxes Outside the Purview of GST

November 25, 2016

Not all products comes under GST regime such as alcoholic beverages and petroleum products. This blog tells you reasons and implications of such exclusions.

Interstate Branch Transfer Issues Under Maharashtra Value Added Tax (MVAT)

November 23, 2016

This article is about interstate branch transfer of goods from one company office to another, tax implications or exemptions under MVAT.