Sales Tax Tips

Strategies, tactics and sales tax tips by Avalara in its blogs for corporates and tax consultants to make right tax decisions about GST, VAT etc.

4 Ways TCS will impact ecommerce under GST

With huge number of sellers on eCommerce platforms, it is difficult for government to keep track of tax collected and paid. The solution is Tax Collected at Source (TCS). Let's find out its impact....Continued

Multiple GST rates and implications for Indian business

India is introducing a multi-tier GST. Four rates have been proposed for the GST: 5%, 12%, 18% and 28%. Let's find out its implications on the businesses....Continued

Winning strategies and tactics in GST battlefield

Arun Jaitley has said that implementation of GST by 1 July is possible. The battle cry is now clearly heard. Let us check some real life examples....Continued

All about GST Input Tax Credit

“Input Tax Credit (ITC)” means the availment of credit for input taxes paid. It is designed to bring GST, a seamless flow of credit. Lets find out more....Continued

GST for small businesses: A mixed bag

SME sector of India is in a state of flux over the impending GST, the mammoth indirect tax reform. Lets find out impact of GST for small businesses....Continued

“Personal” side of GST Input Tax Credit (ITC)

Law permits GST Input tax credit charged on any goods or services used for business. But, the next section poses certain restrictions. Lets find out more...Continued

GST readiness strategies for corporate vendors- Part 2

During a workshop, the MD mentioned that he would like to educate his distributors on GST compliance. This blog shares facets of GST readiness of vendors....Continued

GST Preparation Guide for Tax Consultants

The purpose of this article is to examine the various ways tax practitioners are gearing up for GST India....Continued

GST readiness strategies for corporate vendors- Part 1

An exam-like anxiety is slowly building up, especially with those who started preparing for the transition to GST late and now realize that they may be barely 12–14 weeks away from the big day. Here we will discuss precisely that....Continued

GST Registration Process

This blog provides an overview of India’s GST registration process and explains why there is a need for automation in that area....Continued