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Indirect Taxes

GST return filing deadlines - The Three-Month Storm

Following the already stated November 10th due date for July's return, there will likely be another GST return deadline every five days through January! Read more...Continued

Post-GST impact on FMCG sector

Will FMCG sector benefit from GST or not? Will the prices of goods increase or decrease? Who will bear the ultimate tax burden? Read more...Continued

Did you file GST TRAN-1 correctly?

Being one of the most comprehensive TRAN forms, GST TRAN-1 is the basis for transitioning tax credits to the GST regime. Read more...Continued

How to file correct GST returns: Dates and forms

Filing GST returns means submitting a declaration of required details, such as supplies made or received, expenses incurred, etc., to the government. Read more...Continued

Impact of GST on Indian real estate sector

In past, the real estate industry had ambiguity in provisions. GST is expected to simplify and have a positive impact on the industry. Read more...Continued

FAQs on GST – Refunds, Demand, and Recovery

What is a refund? Can an unutilized ITC be given as a refund when goods exported outside India are subjected to export duty? Read more...Continued

GST brings opportunities for logistics firms

The Indian logistics industry is on the verge of a transformation due to the advancement of technology and the new indirect GST tax regime. Read more...Continued

GST issues around reversal of credit

"Do I have to reverse the credit proportionate to the interest I earn on my fixed deposits?" A finance manager asked this. So let's take a closer look....Continued

Discounts, warranties, and free samples in GST

How will GST deal with discounts, warranties, and free samples? How will discounts affect the value of supply? Read more...Continued

Impact on goods during GST migration

What happened to the input tax credit for goods held in stock on 30th June 2017? what is the impact on Goods during GST migration? Read more...Continued