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Two decades back, I used to personally prepare and file returns using state utility. But with practice expanding so much, manual filing stopped making sense. With so many clients, it’s like a production unit now for VAT returns, which needs to be quick and efficient. 

Before Avalara, we faced several issues with state utility such as servers are down or revise the return due to calculation errors. With TrustFile Bharat, we receive validations, track errors and correct them before filing, which is a big relief. We are able to file returns accurately and being cloud based, we don’t have to save anything on our desktop. After 6 months, state utility doesn’t display past returns but they are safely stored in Avalara’s cloud archives. 

Earlier, 3 of our staff members were filing 3 to 4 returns every day, but with this VAT software, single staff member is able to bulk file 20 to 25 returns within half an hour. That is quite impressive! 

I access TrustFile Bharat software from my mobile too and I find work flow management pretty useful on the go.

Avalara Customer
Avalara Customer
Hemant Shah is Chartered Accountant practicing in Pune


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