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The time you’re spending on filing is valuable time you could be spending on things that are way more important, way more lucrative, and way more helpful to you as an accounting firm owner. 

Sales tax returns used to be a nightmare. And the same is true about Maharashtra state utility for filing VAT returns. Before Avalara, I remember how my staff used to spend several days in preparing returns, send them to me for validation, and then I spent several hours in correcting them. And that was not the end of our woes, as it took more efforts and time to file these returns. It was a tiresome, erroneous, and illogical way of filing returns. 

The amount of time we have saved, and the frustration that it has saved us using Avalara’s solution, is outstanding. If I could rewind time knowing what I know now, probably within six to eight months of starting our practice, I would have signed up with Avalara. 

TrustFile hasn’t just saved us money. It hasn’t just saved us time. It’s actually made us money, because I’ve been able to spend that extra time expanding my practice and acquiring more clients. 

Now GST is coming, which requires voluminous, multi-state return filing every month by all the businesses, through chartered accountants, It’s not manually possible for us to file and keep track of such huge volumes.That’s where Avalara’s TrustFile GST will come in handy for uploading and keeping track of all the GST returns. 


Avalara Customer
Avalara Customer
RK Shinde is practicing Chartered Accountant with a firm in Pune


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