V. D. Mhasawade

Assistant Manager-Taxation

In July 2017, when GST was introduced, we tried our hands at filing returns on the government utility. It was not very helpful in tracking errors and reduced the level of accuracy in statutory compliance.

After experiencing certain glitches, we started looking for a fool proof solution that could take care of our GST return filing needs. During our search for an ASP solution, we were introduced to Avalara through a reference. We were immediately attracted to TrustFile GST, which offers advanced features like adding counterparty details, making reconciliation an easy task. Being an automated solution, TrustFile GST pinpoints minute errors at the invoice level, giving us complete confidence while filing final returns.

TrustFile GST also provides intelligent reports, like a comparison of GSTR-3B vs. GSTR-1, helping us avoid penalties.

We have around 3500 invoices per month, and processing these through Avalara TrustFile GST has never been an issue. I would recommend Avalara TrustFile GST for hassle-free returns filing.

Avalara Customer
Avalara Customer
V.D.Mhasawade is Currently working as Assistant Manager at Pune Office


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