Role of GSP and ASP in GST India

Under GST regime, GSTN will create GSPs and a new category of service providers known as Application Service Providers (ASPs). Let's find out role of these two providers. Continued

Compliance Automation Needed for GST Forms

The implementation of GST creates a huge compliance burden for business entities. Manufacturer or service provider, taxpayers need to file numerous forms every year for each registered entity. This whitepaper delves into the complexity of the new tax regime’s never-ending GST forms and reveals how technology can simplify compliance. Continued

TDS Provisions for MVAT Works Contracts

In this post, we will explore how the TDS Provisions under Maharashtra VAT (Value Added Tax) act affects employers and contractors. While a seemingly small provision of MVAT Works Contracts, non-compliance can mean significant penalties and interest. Continued

New MVAT Automation - Returns and CST Forms

Maharashtra government replaced manual data entry and VAT & CST filing with New MVAT automation from financial year 2016-17. Here are changes in new process. Continued

All you want to know about GST

The Indian taxation system for goods and services is defined by a cascading, distorted tax structure which leads to misallocation of resources, hampering productivity and slower economic growth. To remove this hurdle, a unified and a simple tax system like GST (Goods and Service Tax) is needed to unite the nation. Continued

GST in India and Beyond

Goods and Services Tax, or GST, is a common transactional tax type globally. In this whitepaper, we will explore the concept of GST as it applies around the world, then delve into the specifics of how GST relates to India. Continued

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