Goods And Service Tax

Anti-profiteering clause in GST India

April 17, 2017

Under the Anti-profiteering clause, the government will quickly address complaints that have an adverse impact on competition and market forces. Read more

How to e-Sign your GST returns

April 14, 2017

Digital signing and filing of GSTR will all occur within the GST Common Portal, making compliance easy for taxpayers. Let’s find out how to eSign.

4 Ways TCS will impact ecommerce under GST

March 21, 2017

With huge number of sellers on eCommerce platforms, it is difficult for government to keep track of tax collected and paid. The solution is Tax Collected at Source (TCS). Let’s find out its impact.

Automation to deal with demonetization and GST compliance

December 1, 2016

Tax automation is an answer to Demonetization and GST Compliance in India. Lets find out how through this blog.

GST Impact On Businesses In India

October 18, 2016

GST is a single tax on the supply of goods and services, which will make India a unified common market. Here its impact on small and large Indian businesses

Opportunities for CAs under GST Regime

September 22, 2016

GST regime will radically change the way business is done in India. Here are new opportunities and challenges in GST faced by Chartered Accountants (CAs)

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