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Automated sales and use tax compliance

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Avalara AvaTax works inside 3dcart

3dcart has partnered with Avalara to provide automatic sales tax calculations within the cart, streamlining the tax compliance process while saving time, reducing errors, and cutting costs. Avalara AvaTax works with an extension that plugs into 3dcart, so your buyers get an accurate calculation automatically on every shopping cart checkout. Avalara AvaTax provides the fastest, easiest, most accurate and affordable way to calculate sales tax within 3dcart, manage exemption certificates, file returns, and remit payments across multiple tax regions.
  • Avalara AvaTax seamlessly integrates with 3dcart.
  • 100% accurate sales tax calculations.
  • On-time sales tax return filing, guaranteed.
  • Reports available at your fingertips.
  • 60-day money back guarantee.

Do what you love. Leave the sales tax to us!

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$50 Annual fee
250 Transactions Annually

Included in your subscription:
Avalara AvaTax
3dcart Integration
$200 Annual fee
1,500 Transactions Annually

Included in your subscription:
Avalara AvaTax
3dcart Integration
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The Avalara Guarantee

We believe in providing a fast, easy, and accurate way to manage your taxes. If you are not fully satisfied after 60 days, we will provide a refund for your purchase.
For as long as you are a customer of Avalara AvaTax, if you ever suffer a negative audit finding and financial loss related to an inaccurate result returned by the Avalara service, we will pay your uncollected tax, penalty and interest, or refund your prior 12 months' service fee, whichever is lower.
"Having Avalara in place allows us the freedom to focus on our business, not on sales tax management or burdensome maintenance."
- Adam Litvack, Ecommerce manager at Ganz


These offers are available to new Avalara customers who purchase online. If you don’t see the plan you need, call us at (877) 855-8622 !
Most Avalara customers use AvaTax to both calculate and save documents (like completed cart orders, invoices, credits, and returns, for example) for filing tax returns and audit defense. If you use AvaTax for this purpose, it’s the final document that is most valuable to you – so that is how we measure your usage. Other customers just need AvaTax to calculate sales tax or validate addresses – so for these accounts, we have a formula that translates sales tax calls and address validations into “documents” for billing purposes. (You’ll find a complete description of our usage model at )
Annually. If you subscribe to a 500 Document Plan, for example, you can use those Documents any time in your annual subscription term. Documents must be used within the subscription term in which they are purchased.
You can upgrade to a higher plan at any time by contacting your Customer Account Manager or the Customer Contact Center (877) 855-8622 . If the number of extra Documents is small, you may decide not to upgrade and just pay a fee for the extra Documents you need. Avalara will charge you monthly for any Documents in excess of your annual plan at the overage rate associated with your subscription plan.
This is an annual agreement that you can pay annually or in monthly installments. The agreement automatically renews at the end of each term until you cancel your subscription.
If you cancel your subscription within 60 days of purchase, Avalara will terminate your contract and refund any Avalara AvaTax fees you’ve paid (Avalara Returns fees are not refundable). If you cancel after 60 days, Avalara will cancel your next renewal. To cancel your subscription, just send an email to
Yes! If you are audited and assessed penalties because of an error an Avalara tax calculation, Avalara will pay the penalties. Our guarantee is subject to terms and conditions that you’ll find here
These plans include unlimited access to the Avalara Help Center 24 hours a day, 365 days a week. ( Customers who purchase on-line can also call Avalara’s Customer Contact Center at (877)855-8622 for assistance with any order placed on-line.