MerchantTribe and AvaTax: Automated Sales Tax Calculation for Your Business

Platform: Merchanttribe

Today's ecommerce seller can harness the power of the web to meet and exceed rising demand for online products and services, by utilizing MerchantTribe's effective ecommerce tools.

Yet for many MerchantTribe users, calculating sales tax remains a manual and error-prone process. Tracking rates, rules, and boundaries by going to individual state department of revenue websites works for ecommerce merchants as long as they're based in one state and selling very few products. And even then, ongoing changes at the state and federal levels make compliance incredibly difficult.

Luckily Avalara and BV Software have partnered to offer Avalara AvaTax within MerchantTribe. Avalara AvaTax calculates sales tax based on concise, geo-spatial mapping -- accurate down to the rooftop level. To find out more about AvaTax contact us today about scheduling a live demonstration.

Merchanttribe Integration by: BV Software Inc.

Millions of new merchants start web stores every year. But building a store is just the first step. What online merchants really need is actionable information that will improve their sales. That's where MerchantTribe, the latest e-commerce platform from BV Software, can help. MerchantTribe is social analytics for ecommerce. We provide free, open source shopping cart software to merchants, developers and designers, and in exchange they let MerchantTribe analyze what's working on their stores. Instead of analyzing a single store, we aggregate the data from thousands of stores and run experiments to figure out what an ideal store should look like. Then we deliver customized reports showing how tribe members can improve their sales. As more and more stores use MerchantTribe, our data gets better. Look for our first results in coming weeks, and visit the forums or contact us on Facebook or Twitter to let us know what experiments you'd like to see. AvaTax for MerchantTribe automatically calculates taxes during your transactions in real time, dramatically reducing the amount of time your business needs to spend on complex compliance processing, while improving accuracy and reducing costs.


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