EOS 360 and AvaTax: End-to-End Sales Tax Compliance

Platform: Shop 360

AvaTax is a comprehensive sales tax management solution that fully automates and streamlines the cumbersome, costly and compulsory process of sales tax compliance. AvaTax for EOS360 provides:

* Automated updates for more than 17,000 North American tax jurisdictions

* Instant address verification and automatic address correction

* Automatic sales tax calculation in real time

* Dramatic reduction in compliance processing time

* Meticulously maintained product and service taxability rules

EOS360 is the central point of integration of all of your orders. Whether orders are coming from multiple e-commerce sites, customer backend ordering portals, or in-house customer service representatives, everything comes together in your EOS360. By utilizing the power of a fully integrated platform, all orders, product inventories, customers, vendors and drop shippers all live in one place...all in-sync and real-time.

Benefits of AvaTax for EOS360 include:

* Seamless integration: AvaTax is seamlessly incorporated with EOS360, and connected over the Internet so calculations occur at the point of sale, behind the scenes and in less than a second.

* Rapid service activation: Service activation is fast and painless. Minimal end user training is required and AvaTax takes just minutes to download and install.

* Simple setup: Avalara Go-Live experts guide customers through a simple setup process. Simply select the states where you have nexus and immediately begin accessing Avalara's professionally maintained tax engine.

* On demand reporting:The AvaTax Admin Console provides access to detailed custom reports instantly. Further, AvaTax can automatically pre-populate returns for integration with Avalara's completely automated filing services.

EOS360 Integration by: IMX Solutions


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