Epic One and Avalara AvaTax: Sales Tax Automation in a Secure Payment System

Platform: ePicOne

Epic One is striving to eliminate credit card transaction fraud. It provides customers with a highly secure, smart payment card that can be used in place of an actual credit card at both physical and online stores. Epic One shifts the paradigm without changing much of anything, using a cloud based secure system allows consumers, merchants and banks to save money.

Yet no matter how payment occurs, sales tax must be calculated accurately. Businesses relying on outdated, manual processes draw valuable resources away from more profitable activities. Non-compliance is not an option.

Fortunately, Epic One and Avalara AvaTax have partnered to offer sales tax automation within a secure payment system. Concise geo-spatial mapping allows sales tax to be calculated with roof-top level accuracy. Learn more about Avalara AvaTax: schedule a live demonstration today.

ePicOne Integration by: PIC Business Systems

In 2010, two engineers and a programmer created a business to eliminate credit card transaction fraud. Epic One provides a cloud-based secure payment system where information is never exposed.


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