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Epicor and Avalara: ERP meets sales tax compliance

Platform: Epicor

Epicor Eclipse gives distributors the advantage of an ERP with integrated customer service, supply chain, sales, product data management and warehouse management. Epicor Eclipse allows distributors to integrate systems and gain a competitive advantage.

Yet for many Epicor Eclipse users, calculating sales tax remains a manual and error-prone process. Tracking rates, rules, and boundaries by going to individual state department of revenue websites works for ecommerce merchants as long as they're based in one state and selling very few products. And even then, ongoing changes at the state and federal levels make compliance incredibly difficult.

Luckily Avalara and Epicor have partnered to offer Epicor Tax Connect within Epicor Eclipse. Epicor Tax Connect calculates sales tax based on concise, geo-spatial mapping -- accurate down to the rooftop level. To find out more about Epicor Tax Connect contact us today about scheduling a live demonstration.

Eclipse Integration by: Epicor Corporate

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