Freestyle and Avalara: Partners in Full Compliance

Platform: Freestyle

As a business owner, you may know that three of the most impactful opportunities to grow and expand your business involve:

    • Expanding market visibility by adding sales channels;

    • Improvement of customer service and;

    • Streamlining your back office operations to improve productivity.

Today, even the smallest of retailers can reach a market of millions by selling through multiple sales channels.

Working in multiple sales channels has its benefits, but it can be difficult to manage from a customer, inventory and order processing standpoint. However, managing all of your sales channels in one solution can solve this.

Freestyle (formerly Dydacomp) has solved this with an easy-to-implement solution that handles all of the "back office" functionality in one place.

Our partnership with Avalara enhances this by providing a fully integrated solution to manage sales tax, returns processing and exemption certificates. No more rate tables, no more state websites, no more guesswork when it comes to sales and use tax compliance.

Freestyle Integration by: Freestyle Solutions (formerly Dydacomp)

Freestyle Solutions is a software company started by retailers with solutions for retailers.

In 1986, two brothers had a retail catalog business selling sheet music. One brother was trained as a classical musician. The other brother was an experienced IT professional. They saw the business need and the market opportunity to sell sheet music to other musicians. And it took off!


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