Job Runner/Floor Manager by Pacific Solutions

Job Runner and Avalara AvaTax: Sales Tax Automation within the Flooring Industry

Platform: Pacific Solutions

Pacific Solutions creates software for flooring businesses. Job Runner handles proposals and order management, real-time jobs, change orders, job forms, scheduling, and account management. Floor Manager takes job management to the floor using iPads and iPhones, Windows and/or Mac workstations or Mac server. Complete the job quickly and efficiently with real-time management of product catalog, inventory, order processing, customer service, and accounting and reporting.

Yet calculating sales tax in the flooring industry remains a challenge for businesses relying on outdated, manual processes. Keeping up with increasing complicated tax regulations and changing rates draws resources away from more customer-oriented and profitable activities.

Fortunately Pacific Solutions and Avalara AvaTax have partnered to provide sales tax automation for flooring businesses. Precise geo-spatial mapping generates sales tax rates with pinpoint accuracy, allowing flooring businesses to focus on flooring, not sales tax compliance. Learn more about Avalara AvaTax: schedule a live demonstration today.

Pacific Solutions Integration by: Pacific Solutions

Pacific Solutions creates software that empowers each individual user to get the most work done in the least amount of time with the fewest mistakes, enabling peak profit and ownership security for clients. The founders of Pacific Solutions owned and operated a multi-location flooring store for more than twelve years and well understand the challenges of running a bustling flooring business. This real-world experience is at the center of the industry's most powerful, easy to use, and logical software.


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