Microsoft Dynamics AX

Turn on Sales Tax Compliance Right from Dynamics AX

Platform: Microsoft

Microsoft Dynamics AX helps businesses engage customers, run simplified operations, and expand into new markets. A business solution that supports both operational and administrative processes of organizations, Microsoft Dynamics AX is a single solution with localizations in the box for 36 countries. With a specialized focus on manufacturing, retail, service industries, and public sector, Microsoft Dynamics AX includes capabilities such as financial management, manufacturing, retail, business intelligence and reporting, supply chain management, and human capital management.

Yet sales tax calculation remains time-consuming and error-prone for Microsoft Dynamics AX users relying on manual processes. At best, it is frustrating to track down and input sales tax information for multiple jurisdictions. At worst, it increases audit risk.

Fortunately, Microsoft Dynamics AX and Avalara AvaTax have partnered to offer sales tax automation within Microsoft Dynamics AX. AvaTax uses precise, geo-spatial mapping to provide sales tax information with rooftop-level accuracy. Learn more about AvaTax: schedule a live demonstration today.

Dynamics AX Integration by: Avalara, Inc. - Bainbridge Island HQ

This AvaTax integration, managed by Avalara, was developed using the same Software Development Kit (SDK) that many third-party software/service companies have used. For more information on how you can create an integration with your system, please visit


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