ODOO 9.0

ODOO and Avalara: Partners in Full Compliance

Platform: Odoo

Odoo is the most installed business software in the world. It is used by 2.000.000 users worldwide ranging from micro businesses to the largest enterprise.

Our partnership with Avalara provides our mutual clients access to the best sales tax automation solution available.

Avalara AvaTax is seamlessly integrated with ODOO and provides end-to-end compliance and accuracy for all of your transactional tax needs, including:

- Calculation: AvaTax dynamically calculates sales tax at the POS and delivers billions of tax decisions and applies them across 12,000+ taxing jurisdictions.

- Certificate Management: Limit your non-taxed transaction audit liability by ensuring that valid certificates are immediately accessible through electronic collection, storage and management.

- Returns and Filing: Ensure timely and accurate transactional tax filing and remittance - with simplicity. File returns and remit payments on time using a single payment solution. Wehter the jurisdiciton requires e-filing or mailed in hard copy returns, Avalara gets the job done.

Odoo Integration by: Odoo - formerly OpenERP

Odoo thrives in a unique and fully open ecosystem combining the resources of its open source community, partners and resellers. With activities in 120 countries, Odoo can count on its vast network of more than 550 official partners who provide the solutions locally.


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