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Concur and Avalara: Partners in Cloud-Based Consumer Use Tax Automation

Platform: Concur Invoice

Concur Invoice simplifies and accelerates accounts payable processing so you know how your employees are spending money.

Our partnership with Avalara, gives our mutual customers a robust, automated way to handle use tax on invoices. While most buyers and sellers know about sales tax, far fewer know about use tax. Simply put: use tax is the tax owed when sales tax isn’t collected. If a seller doesn’t charge sales tax on a taxable sale, then the buyer is obligated to pay use tax. That's why we partnered with Avalara!

Now you can completely automate use tax rate and rule determination, filing and remitting returns, and document management. As a purchase invoice is processed in Concur Invoice, Avalara AvaTax looks at the use tax that was charged on the invoice and automatically delivers the right rate, every time.

For example, if your business is buying books for their business, and the book vendor didn’t charge the business tax, AvaTax accrues the right use tax charge on the invoice in Concur. Alternatively, if the book vendor does charge tax to the business but they undercharge, AvaTax sees the discrepancy and accrues the difference. Then the accurate consumers use tax is recorded to the transaction detail in AvaTax and Avalara can include it on your returns.

Wondering about reconciliation? Concur still handles reconciling everything to your GL account. Concur Invoice calls AvaTax while the invoice is being saved and returns the right tax rate – then Concur takes that information and pushes it through to the your ERP or accounting system.

Avalara AvaTax is the fastest, easiest, most reliable and accurate solution for use tax compliance.

Concur Invoice Integration by: Avalara , Inc.

The Avalara AvaTax integration was developed using the same Software Development Kit (SDK) that many third-party software/service companies have used. For more information on how you can create an integration with your system, please visit


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