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WP E-Commerce and AvaTax: Automated Sales Tax Calculation for Your Business

Platform: WordPress

Thousands of ecommerce merchants rely on TaxNOW for WordPress to sell shippable goods, digital downloads, services subscriptions and memberships. TaxNOW WP e-Commerce makes it easy to sell to customers. Set up your own shop in minutes, or design and deploy a highly functional shop for clients.

Yet for many WP e-Commerce users, calculating sales tax remains a manual and error-prone process. Tracking rates, rules, and boundaries by going to individual state department of revenue websites works for ecommerce merchants as long as they're based in one state and selling very few products. And even then, ongoing changes at the state and federal levels make compliance incredibly difficult.

Luckily Avalara and WP e-Commerce have partnered to offer Avalara AvaTax within WP e-Commerce. TaxNOW provides real-time, 100% accurate sales tax calculation and address verification. Solid Platforms TaxNOW plugins enable sales tax calculation in WordPress shopping carts (WP E-Commerce and WooCommerce). In addition, TaxNOW is fully integrated with AvaTax for advanced features such as product taxability mapping.

TaxNOW for WordPress E-Commerce connects Avalara's award-winning automatic, cloud-based sales tax services with your WordPress e-Commerce store. With TaxNOW you can rest easy because you will always collect and remit the correct amounts of sales tax. TaxNOW delivers "bullet-proof" compliance, freeing up employees to focus more time on whatÕs important Ð growing your business. TaxNow Plugin for WP e-commerce. EOTN extends your WP ecommerce store to include a multipage checkout system and sales tax calculations.

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TAXNOW Integration by: Adipietro Technologies

Adipietro Tech is a software developer that produces WordPress website plugins for e-commerce and online store owners. Their flagship product is the TaxNOW brand of sales tax and international VAT plugins, designed to work in tandem with the cloud-based AvaTax service from Avalara.


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