Zuora and AvaTax: Automated Sales Tax Calculation for Your Business

Platform: Zuora

Zuora helps your customers subscribe to services instead of purchase products, and the platform and products are designed from the ground up specifically for your subscription business.

Yet for many businesses, calculating sales tax remains a manual and error-prone process, and one that increases the risk of sales tax audits, penalties, and fines.

Furthermore, tracking rates, rules, and boundaries and varying rules about product and service taxability is nearly impossible if done manually. Going to individual state departments of revenue is time-consuming and resource intensive.

Avalara AvaTax calculates sales tax based on concise, geo-spatial mapping -- accurate down to the rooftop level and the best part is that it is built directly in Zuora. To find out more about AvaTax contact us today about scheduling a live demonstration.

Zuora Integration by: Zuora

In 2007, after several years at WebEx &, K.V. Rao, Cheng Zou and Tien Tzuo began to evangelize a fundamentally new business model. One where companies of all sizes would offer broad libraries of services via subscriptions. And one that would challenge the 20th century manufacturing economy by shifting the focus to delivering services instead of products. They called this the Subscription Economy.

Since then, Zuora has been enabling the Subscription Economy by building the next generation commerce platform. Zuora's subscription management software has enabled 21st century businesses around the world from startups to enterprises in any industry to launch and monetize any subscription products and services.

Zuora employs 600+ passionate ZEO's to help power our company and the Subscription Economy with satellite offices throughout North America, Europe, China, Japan and Australia.



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