In their own words

Brad Talbot

Staff Accountant at Awana Clubs International


If someone I knew was in a similar position and still doing sales tax by hand, I’d say, “You’ve got to get away from that!”

The person in the position before me was doing all the sales tax returns by hand. So when we switched over to Intacct accounting systems, we decided it would be much easier if we had the sales tax process automated. Through research and the recommendation from Intacct we went with Avalara AvaTax.

I didn’t have somebody there teaching me within our company, so I had plenty of questions. The Avalara team was able to walk me through. It helped me to find the reports to minimize the amount of time to get the information that I needed.

One thing that I really like is how instant and precise the calculation is in Avalara AvaTax. I can plug in a specific address and it can give me instantly, specifically, down to the detail, the tax calculation for that area.

It’s simple. I’ve never had to actually do a sales tax return for our company. It’s great.

I really enjoy working with the people of Avalara and I greatly enjoy the Avalara AvaTax product.

If you’re still filing manually and producing those reports manually, I’d definitely suggest going with Avalara AvaTax because it saves a lot of time. A lot of time.