In their own words

Matt Carver

Ecommerce Manager at Backwoods, Inc.


We got Avalara AvaTax so we didn’t have to worry about being up-to-date. Knowing it is a seamless part of the cart and that it’s accurate means we can focus on building our business.

When you open an ecommerce store, you are there to run an ecommerce business, not taxes — that’s not your core competency. Managing only taxes eats up way too much time. Jumping onto Avalara AvaTax was just a matter of getting the credentials and plugging into the back of the cart.

Avalara AvaTax decreases the amount of time we are required to spend to manage tax rates. In fact, I haven’t even looked at a tax rate since we started with AvaTax. AvaTax does that all for me.

Before Avalara AvaTax, if we weren’t accurate, we would be at the whims of an auditor and possibly found liable for additional sales tax, even if we didn’t collect it. The more complex sales tax gets, the more important it is to have a third-party service to handle your sales tax.

Avalara AvaTax is a dynamic environment that is updating constantly, versus managing tax rates in a static environment and trying to keep up-to-date. It’s a big pro for going forward using the AvaTax service.

The reason you buy Avalara AvaTax is to trust that sales tax is being collected accurately when it needs to be collected, and to not have to look at another sales tax rate again.