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Louis Jimenez

Founder and CEO at


In this business, anything you can automate is ideal. Anything short of automation can lead to mayhem, especially when you get really, really busy. If you’re in ecommerce, not having Avalara AvaTax is a huge mistake.

We currently use Avalara AvaTax for our in-state sales only. But if a national sales tax comes along, we will be ready. That functionality is already there in AvaTax; all we have to do is toggle it on.

AvaTax gives us a huge advantage if the sales tax law changes. Instead of the mad dash to get it done, we’re ready to roll. I always ship immediately to achieve customer satisfaction. When my customers check out, the sales tax has to be right or it can delay shipping. If sales tax gets delayed, it’s a trickle-down effect that can lead to disaster. I have to get that product out to my customer as soon as possible. Avalara AvaTax allows me to do that.

I chose Avalara AvaTax because I looked into it and it’s reliable. It has never failed me. It just flows. I am able to take care of my customers because the sales tax situation is taken care of. So I can sleep at night because I don’t have a problem with that. It’s very economical. I don’t think Avalara is expensive given the time and benefits that I get out of it.

Avalara AvaTax is the ticket for sales tax. There is nothing else, in my opinion, when it comes to Internet sales. Anyone who’s in ecommerce – if they’re not on Avalara AvaTax, they’re nuts.