In their own words

Danielle Jaworski and Dan LaDore

Controller and IT manager (respectively) at Breitling USA


Danielle: The set-up was pretty simple. Avalara AvaTax provided a lot of support to get us started, so it really wasn’t a painful process at all.

Danielle: I was managing all the sales tax rates within our financial app and it was a lot of work. It was also very difficult to get the reports that we needed to file the sales tax returns. That’s when we decided we should automate and look for a sales tax solution.

Danielle: We didn’t want to have a server in-house to support. One of the other sales tax solutions we were looking at was also a lot more expensive. Avalara AvaTax just seemed more cost-effective and we liked the idea that it was hosted.

Dan: From my point of view, I just make sure tax calculation works. I don’t really have to understand what it’s doing in the background.

Danielle: For the size of our business and the amount of states that we report in, it seemed like a practical solution for us.

Dan: Soon, we’ll use your RMS solution as well because we have two boutiques now. It’s a huge life saver for us. I recommended Avalara to a friend.