In their own words

Kari Udbye

Tax Manager at Burkhart Dental Supply Company


We’re doing business in so many different jurisdictions and compliance without a solution like Avalara would be virtually impossible today.

We do a variety of things for our dentists – repairs, installs, space planning. We do have some online sales, but we have a large sales force across our 19 branches, primarily in the west and the southwest.

I just think [managing the process manually] was overwhelming to the staff that we had at the time.

Currently, we’re using an in-house application but we’re in the process of converting to an ERP system.

We’re an SST client, so that made [using Avalara Returns] fairly easy – one-stop shopping. As we move into new markets, it’s very easy to collect and remit and move on.

I’ve been fortunate to work with some people who have some longevity at Avalara.  They take care of my needs.

Avalara has come a long way in the last three years. And it’s not easy. This environment is incredibly challenging if you’re doing business in multi-states or internationally, so it’s a good service.