In their own words

Shelley McNaughton

Staff Accountant at CB Engineering Pacific


The people at Avalara AvaTax are wonderful. They’re right there; they walk you through everything; if you have a problem they’re right on it. They’re great.

After a lifetime of hit and miss careers, I decided to go back to vocational school and looked at all of the brochures and went, “I will always be able to find a job as an accountant.” So I went into accounting. I’ve done it for about ten years now. I love it as well as anyone loves accounting. It’s a good job. It’s a solid job.

The retail volume of our company was really growing and we were trying to manage it all by hand. With so many sales tax rates, especially in the state of Washington where we primarily do retail business, it’s just impossible to manage without some help. Avalara AvaTax was a great move for us.

It’s pretty user-friendly, so once you get into the system and you look into the reporting capacities and capabilities, you really can maneuver through the reports pretty easily. Saves so much time. We really couldn’t do it without [Avalara AvaTax].

We went through a Department of Revenue audit and it was a three-year audit. For the first year, Avalara AvaTax wasn’t in place. For the second two years, it was. The part that was the most difficult to represent was the year without Avalara AvaTax. It just made all the difference for us.