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Kelly O'Hanlon

VP Finance and Administration at


We recently went through a number of tax audits in states for the period before we worked with Avalara and they were not easy audits. We know we’re in a much better position today and going forward.

I’ve only been at since we’ve had the Avalara AvaTax products. I had to do quite a bit of cleanup from the stuff prior.

We have had a really high hit rate of accuracy with the Avalara AvaTax product.

If you have a lot of transactions, you really need to look into automating. I don’t think you could manage your own tax system, in the United States, at least. It just doesn’t make sense in this day and age.

You’re better off putting your resources in other areas and outsourcing the tax management – especially the tax rates – to somebody else.

On a typical day, we’re processing 300 sales transactions. We could never have the manpower to go through and manually calculate all the tax, nor would we want to.

The way Avalara AvaTax has built their systems and continuously enhanced them really fits in with our focus and our roadmap.