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Bruno Oghittu

Head of Ecommerce at Christian Louboutin


Unlike in Europe, where there is a single tax rate for just about everything, U.S. sales tax rates vary from state to state, county to county, and city by city. It’s a complicated situation that’s impossible to manage manually.

We needed a real-time application that was fast and accurate because our customers want a final price before check out. If they have to wait too long for the sales tax calculation (and shipping), they’ll leave the website and we could lose the sale.

Implementation was about as simple as flipping a switch. All we had to do was set up some tax codes and AvaTax took care of the rest.

When I had questions about U.S. sales tax laws and setting up codes in Avalara AvaTax, I just called Avalara. They were extremely helpful and the support I received was fantastic. The whole experience was just a breeze.

It’s fast, it’s accurate, and it just works. In fact, we don’t even think about it until the end of each month when we run our sales tax reports.

Even with the apparel industry’s unique taxation laws and complex tax holidays, it’s all handled automatically in Avalara AvaTax, which saves us a tremendous amount of time and effort researching and manually managing special, industry-specific rules.

We didn’t have anything complicated or special to install when it came time to expand. Setting up Avalara Avatax for Canadian transactions was as simple as turning on nexus for that region.

It’s a fantastic product, I get outstanding support, and it’s extremely affordable. I couldn’t be happier.