In their own words

Debi Gale

Accounting Manager at Cinder Block


Avalara is seamless from our financial application. It picks up all the data it’s supposed to pick up.

We manufacture tee shirts or gimmicks that you’d see at a rock concert. Some of the groups we have are the Black Eyed Peas, Larry the Cable Guy, Lenny Kravitz. We sell paraphernalia on tours and we sell ecommerce, which is where Avalara comes in. We also sell tour supply, so Avalara picks up those transactions in California.

All those online sales in California are taxable, and there are a lot of them; a lot of small sales. So we don’t necessarily have large dollar, but very high volume – thousands a month.

We knew when we went online that we were going to have some kind of automation.We’re a multimillion-dollar company that has a lot of transactions and we need to find electronic solutions to manage the data. Having people do it is too expensive.

Without Avalara AvaTax,we’d have to hire two or three more people at least and have them working on that full time, which definitely wouldn’t be a smart decision.

It’s my job to find out that we’re being compliant and everything’s being accounted for. I check the reports and they all come out just like they’re supposed to.