In their own words

Dan Miller

CFO at Component Distributors


We went through a number of different packages. Avalara made the most sense; it was the easiest to hook into our ERP program to determine the correct tax rates.

Before we automated, we had a mess. We’re in 16 or 17 states where we have nexus.  Every different locality, every different municipality, and every county, state and region has a different amount of tax. So we needed something where our ERP program could find out what the correct tax is that we’re supposed to charge and report back to us.

We recently had a California sales tax audit that had a three-year look-back. And because we were using Avalara and AvaTax, we came through with flying colors. We did not have any orders that were taxed incorrectly. No audit is fun, but this was a great audit.

If you’re in a lot of different nexus points like we are, it’s not worth developing the brain power and using internal resources when there are outside third-parties that are experts. We’re doing what we do best and we’re using a third-party to integrate to our system electronically. Our system talks to Avalara’s system and gives us the information. It’s made life so much better for us.