In their own words

Sherri McLean

Order and Maintenance Contract Manager at ECE Solutions


I would encourage any small business or major corporation to go with AvaTax because it takes a whole lot of guesswork out of the tax game.

Between me and our outside accountant, we were creating spreadsheets for checks and balances and all kinds of stuff. It was not fun every month to go through these spreadsheets and try to look at discrepancies and ensure we were paying the correct tax amount to the correct state. It was a major, major, major headache.

I probably spent at least five to six hours a week just in taxes, and that’s a no-no. Having AvaTax, at the most this year thus far, I’ve probably spent maybe an hour or two hours.

It’s pretty simple to understand. I’ve been to one or two of your training classes here in Chicago, so very easy to understand. And the customer service is really great.

We are a software resale company, and I manage the order desk, and I also handle the maintenance contracts that generate the revenue for the company. So I can spend more time doing that to ensure that the revenue is continuous, and I don’t have to spend a whole lot of time focused on taxes and the government. It gives us peace of mind.

As I keep saying, I love you guys.

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