In their own words

Mary Lou Carver

Accounting Manager at ESET North America


I’m not in the business of researching tax laws. I’m in the business of selling cyber security and software. So for me, and for ESET, it was worth getting that automated and finding the people who are experts in that field.

We were reporting in nine states, but our company has grown immensely over the past couple years and we knew that there was nexus being created in additional states. So we needed something that was scalable. We saw Avalara AvaTax and the reporting portion of it (Avalara Returns) as something that would be scalable.

One of the challenges with our ERP integration. Since that relationship with Avalara was already in place, it made it that much easier.

Every state’s return is different. Some of them are very simple; some of them are very complex. I just didn’t see the benefit of hiring someone just to fill out tax returns every month. We saw a great value in the reporting side (Avalara Returns).

Sales tax is probably one of the most complex things out there as far as taxation goes. It’s just too much for a company to keep up with.