In their own words

Heather Gravelle

Sales Tax Manager at Furniture Row


Avalara was one of the only companies that would guarantee they could meet all the requirements for  our streamlined sales tax project, and they were reasonably priced.

My whole job is related to sales tax.

I am also getting my master’s in taxation; we have to learn a lot about the laws and the tax. There are so many laws out there that change daily, monthly, yearly that it’s good to stay on top of those. Avalara definitely supports what we need as far as staying compliant with all of those states, jurisdictions and cities.

It was really hard in the beginning switching over from doing it internally and having so much control because we’re so old school. But we’re really happy with the way it’s turned out.

We started with Avalara CertCapture because we were getting hit with so many audits and our stores weren’t collecting the right documentation.

Our biggest audit hit was the exemption certificates and the no-tax sales. So we decided to go with Avalara CertCapture. We really feel strongly that it is going to be a good tool for us to help with audits, to reduce our liability with states, to reduce the frequency of state and multiple jurisdiction audits.

We needed to outsource part of our sales tax to make sure we were compliant.  Avalara had what we were looking for. Everything fit.