In their own words

Karen Fitzgerald

Senior Accountant at Game Ready


We primarily work with orthopedic surgeons and we do a lot of work with the military, working with people recovering from surgeries and injuries. We’re a little bit on ecommerce, but because it’s medical and has to have a prescription, it’s not completely online.

We use Avalara AvaTax in two ways coming from our ERP system for the transactions that are done in-house, but because we have the medical billing and we’re going through to insurance agents, we have a third-party and their system also links up to it.

Avalara AvaTax makes it easier for the people in the field to make sure they’re charging the correct taxes because they could be in a different spot every day.

I use the Avalara AvaTax chat feature online and try to get answers for a quick question. If I knew someone who was thinking of automating, I would tell them it’s a great product because you can get the data out that you need to make sure you’re calculating correctly or to manipulate the data to do your reporting, whether you’re using Avalara Returns or not.

It’s easier having someone else do your return.

I would probably have no hair or be completely gray if we were not using Avalara AvaTax. There is definite value, because there’s no way anyone can keep up on the sales tax rules in all of the 46 states that have sales tax and still stay sane.