In their own words

Linda Tom

Accounting Manager at Isilon Systems, LLC


Avalara AvaTax was adopted early because we heard that it worked really well with our financial ap. So we did, we implemented it and it worked really well.

We were steadily growing and now we’re growing like crazy. It got beyond the point of being able to handle it manually, at least in an efficient manner. So we decided that we need somebody else to figure out the tax rates.

After growing our company double – and I think in the future we’re probably thinking quadruple – we’re in more and more states. As we adopt more states, there’s going to be more tax compliance and we needed somebody to help us with that.

We couldn’t keep up with manually doing returns. So having Avalara AvaTax helped us tremendously.

Sure, we have third-party tax professionals who help us whenever we don’t understand tax law or tax code or when there’s a difficult tax situation. But if it’s simple? We can call Avalara and you guys will help us.

The biggest benefit is the customer service. We love the customer service. The people are attentive, and they’re serious about what they need in order to help us.

Other than that, the time savings. What are we doing with all that extra time now?  Oh, we have a lot more orders to take care of!

Avalara Returns – that’s saved us a lot of time, because we don’t have to worry about what forms to use, where to find the forms, and when to actually file them. It made the process a lot more efficient and it created a lot less work for us.

If you want to spend time doing other things like growing the business, why worry about taxes? Have somebody else do it.