In their own words

Mandy Guetzow

Accounting Supervisor at Lizzy Lift


Everybody has seen the value that Avalara has added to our company

Our billing department was one person. Every time she was billing, she was going to the state website and double-checking — sometimes the rates and taxability change, so she was going to every state, entering the address, making sure the rate hadn’t changed, then billing it out.

At first, we were nervous — what if you guys didn’t have the right rate information? We were double-checking and all that. Now, it saves a lot of time. We don’t have to worry about updating all the counties and cities, which could be a full-time job in and of itself.

Now we can focus on other things and improve other processes, because you guys have allowed us to spend less time checking taxes.

I would absolutely 100% recommend that as much as someone can automate, they do … everybody has seen the value that Avalara has added to our company.

Avalara has saved us probably more than five hours a week!

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