In their own words

Amelia Valero-Brust

Partner at All In Merchandise


I have peace of mind as far as liability goes. Before, I never felt completely confident in the numbers being calculated, but now I do.

Nearly all of our business – 99.9 percent of it – is done online except for when we sponsor a big music festival and we set up a vendor table.

Before Avalara AvaTax, I was using another automated sales tax module but I was always getting questions from my CPA when I submitted the reports, like, “Why was there anything collected in So-and-so County if they have an exception?”

Before, I had to do additional manual tasks – create more columns or add certain totals – after the automated report was generated. There were so many little idiosyncrasies.

I mentioned my frustration to one of my merchants and he pointed me in the direction of Avalara.

With Avalara AvaTax, the reporting is more robust and it breaks down the information further.

I haven’t seen any inaccuracies, which is awesome.

I’m saving money on filing now that we have Avalara AvaTax. The per-call price is cheaper, as is the cost of filing each of my returns using Avalara.

I’ve called a couple times with detailed questions and the Avalara people walked me through step by step and made sure I was completely satisfied with the response before we got off the phone.

I feel like I’m less liable. If I get audited, I know I’m in a better situation. It was kind of like a gimme to go with Avalara AvaTax.