In their own words

Missy Amlong

CFO at New Age Industrial


Besides making our taxes better and easier, it’s [Avalara] fixed a lot of address problems we had even before things get shipped. It’s a nice little bonus to have that double-checking capability in there.

We were getting a lot more sales that were taxable and our ERP was not set up to handle that without a lot of manual intervention, so we looked into Avalara AvaTax.

It was very difficult before we automated because it put a lot of the work on our people in order entry who aren’t trained in detailed tax calculation or in how to identify items that need to be taxed. I had to go through and check a lot of the transactions manually to make sure we were catching everything that was taxable.

We purchased all three Avalara products at the same time, but we implemented them one by one based on our greatest needs. From the beginning, we knew we had to have something to track our certificates better. So we started with Avalara CertCapture.

It only took about a day to set up and install. It was pretty simple; pretty straightforward.

I can’t believe how we were doing things before. [Avalara AvaTax] makes life so much easier and you know that it’s correct.