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Economic nexus

What is economic nexus as it applies to sales tax? What kind of impact can it have on your business? Some states apply economic nexus to sales tax, and the list is... Continued

How to tax food and food products

It's easy to get mixed up trying to charge the correct tax rate on food items. Watch this video to see how crazy it really... Continued

The Dangers of Collecting (but not Remitting) Sales Tax

What happens when you collect sales tax but don't remit it to the... Continued

How Home Rule States Complicate Tax Compliance

Are you doing business in a home rule state? If so, you should know how these states complicate the tax compliance... Continued

The Taxation of Emerging Fuels

Like other emerging products, emerging fuels face complex and shifting tax rules. Watch this video to learn... Continued

Sales Tax in the Cloud

Will reviews four business cases where cloud software outshines on-premise solutions when it comes to sales tax... Continued

Why do I pay so much sales tax? (cost of a cup of joe)

Ever wonder why you pay so much sales tax on certain items? You're not... Continued

Sales Tax on Payments Made with Bitcoin

Learn how sales tax works for Bitcoin... Continued

How States Apply Sales Tax to Services - The Hairy Truth

Learn how more and more states are applying sales tax to services, and how this could impact your... Continued

How to Prepare for a Sales Tax Audit

Tips for surviving a sales tax... Continued

New York Sales Tax in One Minute

Get an overview of key sales tax rules for New York in one... Continued

Drop Shipping - Who Collects Sales Tax?

Who is on the hook to collect and remit sales tax in a drop shipping... Continued

How Sales Tax Works for Direct Sellers

Learn how agents, or distributors, can give direct sellers the obligation to collect sales tax in multiple states, just by making... Continued

Sales Tax Rates: ZIP Codes Vs Geolocation

A frightening number of businesses use free sales tax calculators and ZIP codes to get sales tax rates for customer addresses. Learn why geolocation technology is more... Continued

VAT Explained

For businesses planning to expand internationally, managing VAT (Value Added Tax) can be tricky. Avalara explains how to stay... Continued

How Amazon Tax Laws Impact Your Business

“Amazon tax,” “Internet sales tax,” “online tax” are all terms used by media outlets to describe potentially game-changing sales tax rules at the state and federal levels. Because of the... Continued

3 Sales Tax Mistakes that Can Cost You Big

"Smart business people are lousy sales tax experts." States expect businesses to comply with changing tax laws. However, many businesses lack the resources or technology to be 100%... Continued

3 Top Reasons Businesses Get Audited for Sales Tax

Sales tax audits can be a nasty surprise for unprepared businesses, sucking away precious time and revenue. But what if you could see a sales tax audit... Continued

Do You Owe Consumer Use Tax?

Consumer use tax laws impact a huge number of businesses, yet many face penalties from state audit departments because they don’t understand their use tax... Continued

6 of the Silliest Sales Tax Rules in the U.S.

In this episode of Will’s Whiteboard, Will humorously points outix of the craziest U.S. tax laws, including tax rules for items like planes-with-no-pilots,parkly capes, and hairy chests/indoor... Continued

The Sales Tax Tickler

As most business grow, so do their sales tax requirements. Unfortunately, many businesses fail to upgrade their sales tax management process to handle the increased tax burden. Manual activities... Continued