CertCapture Supplemental Terms

These Avalara CertCapture Supplemental Terms (“CertCapture Terms”) govern Customer’s use of Avalara’s compliance document management Services (“Compliance Document Management Services”), including the CertCapture Service. These CertCapture Terms are in addition to, and incorporate by reference, the Avalara Terms and Conditions available at https://www.avalara.com/legal/terms (the “Terms”). Any capitalized terms used in these CertCapture Terms and not defined shall have the meaning given in the Terms.

  1. Definitions.

CertCapture Service” means Avalara’s Service for the storage and management of tax exemption certificates.

Compliance Document Management Service” means Avalara’s Services for the storage and management of compliance documents: the CertCapture Service, the Excise Capture Service, and the VendorCapture Service.

ExciseCapture Service” means Avalara’s Service for the storage and management of excise licenses and IDs.

VendorCapture Service” means Avalara’s Service for the storage and management of federal withholding forms.

Certificate” means any compliance document image, such as a tax exemption certificate, excise license, or federal withholding form, that is entered, uploaded, or otherwise recorded in a Compliance Document Management Service by Customer for use in a single jurisdiction. “Certificate” is further described in Section 2 below.

  1. Certificate Calculations. Fees for usage of the Compliance Document Management Services are based on the number of Certificates recorded or altered by Customer. The number of Certificates counted for purposes of calculating usage of the Compliance Document Management Services will be the maximum number of Certificates stored in the System at any point in time during a Subscription Term. If a single Certificate document or scanned image is used to satisfy Customer’s compliance obligations in multiple jurisdictions, each of the jurisdictions where the Certificate is used will count as one Certificate (for example, a single scanned exemption certificate image that is used in five states will count as five Certificates for purposes of calculating usage).
  1. Automatic Upgrades and Overages. Customer may choose one of two options if that Customer exceeds the number of Certificates set forth in its Order Document: either payment of a per-Certificate overage charge or automatic upgrade to the next highest subscription tier.  At any time prior to exceeding the purchased number of Certificates, Customer may change the selected option, but the default choice will be the overage option unless the automatic upgrade option has been specified by Customer.  Overage fees will be charged at the rate specified in the Order Document, and in any Renewal Subscription Term, Avalara’s then-current overage rates will apply.
  1. Avalara Compliance Document Network. For the purpose of facilitating sharing of compliance documents between sellers, buyers, and other participants (“Network Participants”) in Avalara’s network of Compliance Document Management Service users, Avalara may create a directory listing for Customer that includes Customer’s business information (for example, company name, address, and business category) to be shared with other Network Participants.  If Customer wishes to opt out of the Avalara compliance document network, Customer may do so by emailing legal@avalara.com.