As of January 1, 2016

These Avalara Landed Cost Supplemental Terms (“Landed Cost Terms”) govern Customers who purchase or otherwise use the Landed Cost Service, either in addition to another Avalara Service or separately (“Landed Cost Customers”).  These Landed Cost Terms are in addition to, and incorporate by reference, the Avalara Terms and Conditions available at (the “Terms”).  To the extent a Landed Cost Customer purchases any other Avalara Service, these Landed Cost Terms do not modify the terms applicable to that other Avalara Service.  Any capitalized terms used in these Landed Cost Terms and not defined shall have the meaning given in the Terms.

The standard pricing for Documents submitted to the AvaTax Service will not apply to Landed Cost transactions, which will be calculated and charged as follows:

For Customers who subscribe to the Landed Cost Get Duty Rates Service, charges for use of that Service will be made on a per-API call basis, with each API call made to the Get Duty Rates Service applied to the Landed Cost subscription set forth in the applicable Order Document(s). 

For Customers who use the HS (Harmonized Tariff Schedule) Classification Service, charges for use of the HS Classification Service will be invoiced at a rate of $5 per Item/Country Combo.   “Item/Country Combo” means a classification of one item and one applicable country (for example, a classification of one item in five countries would be 5 Item/Country Combos, and a classification of two items in five countries would be 10 Item/Country Combos).