Lodging taxes for property managers

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Do you manage multiple vacation rental properties? With demands from renters, owners, and possibly even business partners and investors, we understand that your time is precious. Spend less time and money dealing with lodging tax hassles with MyLodgeTax. With our service, you can rest assured that your occupancy tax returns are always up to date with the latest tax requirements, accurate, and filed on time to the right tax authorities – guaranteed.  With over a decade of experience in this industry, let us bring this expertise to your business – so you can get back to business. Book and manage your properties and leave the taxes to us.

MyLodgeTax is here to help

MyLodgeTax offers a simple and efficient solution for property managers looking for a better way to manage their lodging taxes.

Easy to use

Complete your lodging tax requirements with the click of a button. We determine which forms you need, fill them out for you, keep track of reporting schedules, and submit your taxes on your behalf — all you have to do is let us know each of your property locations and report your total rental revenue for the periods we request.

Up-to-date requirements

Don’t waste time worrying about tax rules in various cities and states. Our team of tax experts ensures you stay updated on lodging tax rules, licensing, and requirements for all managed properties.


Prior to submitting your first tax return with us, we offer an optional service of registering you in the correct city, county, or state. We can also maintain your registrations, paying them on time and making sure they are always up to date.

Never miss another deadline

Detailed record-keeping dashboard

We make it easy to track historical data. Our reporting features give you instant access to the total taxes, licenses, and fees you’ve paid for your rental property for simple and efficient bookkeeping.

Automated reminders

When your tax due dates are approaching, we will notify you when it’s time for you to submit your rental revenue to us.

Bulk uploading

MyLodgeTax allows you to report revenue for multiple properties via one bulk data file upload making revenue reporting for multiple properties a snap.

I have used MyLodgeTax for my Maui vacation rental tax filings since 2003, they take care of everything so I don’t have to worry about it.
Dave Clouse, Founder, VRBO.com


100% Accuracy Guarantee

We guarantee your compliance — period. If we make a mistake, we will fix it at no cost to you.

No Contracts

There are no contracts involved with MyLodgeTax — if you are unhappy with our service, you may cancel at any time.