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Sold! The taxability of nonprofit auction sales – Wacky Tax Wednesday

Like a fast-paced auctioneer, it can be dizzyingly difficult to understand how sales tax ... Continued

The state of state sales tax in 2017

More than 20 governors referenced sales tax in their 2017 State of the State address. Under ... Continued

Taxing edible wearables – Wacky Tax Wednesday

If you’re a seller of candy bras, gummy panties, or edible thongs, you probably don’t blush ... Continued

Avalara Certifies Konnektive CRM for Automated Sales Tax Management

Seattle, WA and Roswell, GA – February 6, 2017 – Avalara, Inc., a leading provider of ... Continued

Top 5 B2B ecommerce trends of 2017

The availability of mature technology and the growth of B2B customer expectations have forced ... Continued

Sorting out sales tax in Bristol TN /VA – Wacky Tax Wednesday

When you set up shop in Bristol TN/VA, make sure you know which side of the street — and state ... Continued

Sink or swim: A guide to surviving sales tax in 2017

Sales and use tax compliance can be a complex problem for many businesses. It almost feels like ... Continued

Amazon’s airborne fulfillment centers – Wacky Tax Wednesday

You’ve probably heard by now that Amazon was recently granted a patent for an airborne ... Continued