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Amazon’s airborne fulfillment centers – Wacky Tax Wednesday

You’ve probably heard by now that Amazon was recently granted a patent for an airborne ... Continued

A call for national sales tax – Wacky Tax Wednesday

There’s no shortage of reasons to abolish the federal income tax. But does replacing it with a ... Continued

Taxing the 12 days of Christmas – Wacky Tax Wednesday

How sales tax applies to two turtle doves. eight maids-a-milking, and the rest.

Jeremy Korst Joins Avalara as Chief Marketing Officer

Avalara, Inc. today announced it has hired Jeremy Korst as executive vice president and chief ... Continued

State-by-state guide to electronic sales tax filing and payment

If you are a small business filing sales taxes in several different states, it can be tricky to ... Continued

Amazon tax spreads in 2017

Amazon.com has something for residents of Iowa, Louisiana, and Utah, but it isn't gift wrapped ... Continued

Tax advantages of chocolate-free gingerbread – Wacky Tax Wednesday

How gingerbread is dressed (with or without chocolate) affects how it’s taxed in Britain.

Which states offer the best incentives for filing sales tax on time?

There are some states that use a carrot rather than just a stick to give businesses incentives ... Continued