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On Santa suits and Snuggies, a holiday tax treat – Wacky Tax Wednesday

Is the Snuggie a blanket or a garment? Are Santa suits well-made wearing apparel or flimsy ... Continued

Goodlatte urges Supreme Court to let Congress deal with remote sales tax

State and federal lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are divided on an issue that’s coming to ... Continued

Grocers in the Market for a Sales Tax Compliance Solution Turn to Avalara

Missouri and Wisconsin Grocers Associations and Texas Retailers Association to Refer Members to ... Continued

Out-of-state diamond and gold wholesaler subject to Washington tax

An out-of-state gem broker was recently found to have nexus in Washington because of the ... Continued

The curious case of what does and doesn’t get taxed – Wacky Tax Wednesday

Talk of federal tax reform reminds how quirky state taxes can be. Take Pennsylvania, where ... Continued

New year brings new reporting requirements for remote retailers in Ohio

Starting Jan. 1, 2018, apps and other software placed on the computers, laptops, and handheld ... Continued

Sales tax for software companies: what to know as you grow

What’s in your five-year growth plan — new products, markets, offices, and more? Here’s what ... Continued

National Pie Day: Is your bottom firm? Wacky Tax Wednesday

A look at how Britain taxes pies and pasties, inspired by the Great British Baking Show and ... Continued