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HomeAway steps up lodging tax collection efforts

Airbnb has pursued agreements with local governments to collect lodging taxes on bookings on behalf of hosts. HomeAway has lagged far behind in collecting taxes on its bookings — but that's changing....Continued

As the Airbnb battle heats up, lawsuits follow

Affordable housing becoming more scarce, neighborhood disruptions due to an influx of short-term renters, hotels and Airbnbs often operating under different standards and taxation: The debate rages on...Continued

Does Airbnb register and file for short-term rental hosts when it collects lodging tax?

It's important to be aware of what your platform is or is not taking care of for you in terms of tax compliance. ...Continued

Airbnb starts collecting Denver lodging taxes April 1

Hosts using other services for bookings are responsible for collecting both the state sales tax and city lodging tax themselves...Continued

Why your vacation rental business needs a strategic and operational plan

Whether you only rent a few weeks a year or your goal is to achieve maximum occupancy in every season, the principles of running a small business apply....Continued

Georgia’s Walker County seeks new lodging tax

The tax would apply to county-owned property located in incorporated cities as well as properties located in unincorporated areas of the county....Continued

Short-term rental properties: 7 things you need to know before you invest

Knowing a few things about how the short-term vacation rental market works can be a huge factor in creating a successful business....Continued

Portland and HomeAway make a deal on lodging tax collection

The short-term vacation rental site and the city have been embroiled in lawsuits since 2015 but have finally reached a settlement....Continued

New short-term rental rules for Vail start today

Strict new rules for short-term rentals go into effect March 1. The regulations establish several requirements for short-term vacation rental operators....Continued

Tulsa to begin charging 5 percent lodging tax March 1

On Tulsa bookings, Airbnb collects Oklahoma state sales tax, state-administered city and county sales tax, and the 5 percent city lodging tax...Continued