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Manage compliance reporting for communications taxes

Avalara AvaTax for Communications connects to your current billing or ERP system to quickly determine and calculate taxes and fees for traditional telecommunication services, as well as VoIP, internet services, cable and satellite TV, and other communications services. By automating tax calculation and tracking the complex and ever-changing rules and rates for over 70,000 jurisdictions, Avalara saves you time, reduces your costs, and allows you to focus on business, not on tax obligations.

Tax Accuracy
AvaTax for Communications is a proven solution for communications businesses. Avalara experts understand the complexities of communications taxes and make sure that rules and rates are always current. Avalara Geo for Communications geospatial technology is available to ensure precise jurisdiction determination. By delivering accurate tax calculations, Avalara ensures compliance and reduces risk of audit liability.

Lower Tax and IT Costs
Forget about customizing billing systems to handle tax complexities. With AvaTax for Communications, there’s no need to build custom reports or maintain tax tables. By letting Avalara handle tax research and operations, the on-going cost of tax compliance is reduced.

Simplified Operations
Avalara provides a full suite of integrated communications tax solutions, including not only calculation and research, but also compliance filing services. By avoiding the need to manage and coordinate a tax process with multiple vendors and internal groups, Avalara simplifies tax operations and gives you more time for strategic priorities.

Business Agility
Communications businesses need to move fast to stay competitive. Regardless of what new services, bundled services or geographic expansion you may have planned, AvaTax for Communications is ready. By eliminating tax implementation lead time, you’ll have the operational agility to move quickly on new business opportunities.

Fast Implementation
Avalara or our partners have proven connectors available for most ERP and communications billing systems. Comprehensive APIs are also available for easy integration with in-house developed systems. By connecting directly to existing back-office invoicing processes, AvaTax for Communications avoids business process disruption, enabling fast implementation and return-on-investment.

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Designed for Complexity

Calculate all taxes in real-time, including: tax-on-tax, tiering, bundled services, and flexible presentation grouping. Geo location option provides address and jurisdiction accuracy.

Easy Integration

directly to current billing or ERP systems, enabling fast implementation and avoiding disruption of existing business processes.

Tax Detail Visibility

Reporting ensures granular calculation details are always available. Off-line viewer enables tax quotes or what-if analysis. Unlimited rule and rate history enables back filing and audit support.

Broad Coverage

Built-in rules and rates cover a wide range of communications products and tax types across over 70,000 jurisdictions. Monthly tax updates ensure on-going compliance.

Comprehensive Solution

Avalara takes care of all of your communications tax requirements by integrating tax calculation, research, monitoring, compliance filing and professional services under one umbrella.

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