Untangling international tax, so you don’t have to.

Our LandedCost Calculator API enables you to estimate the total landed cost of cross-border transactions, or use it to determine global pricing to maximize profitability.

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Automate your international compliance.


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No two countries have the same duty rates and regulations. Using Avalara’s affordable solution, cut down the time you spend calculating rates – all while ensuring that your customers get the right rate with every transaction.


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No more manual updates. Avalara’s cloud platform is constantly scouring the world’s regulations and rules for changes that could impact landed cost for global sellers. Put your focus back where it belongs: making customers happier and growing your business.


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Say goodbye to expensive consultants. Avalara’s LandedCost API integrates seamlessly into your shopping cart software. “Five nines” service availability means you and your customers can rely on LandedCost for accurate rates 24/7.

“The automation aspect of Avalara products convinced us it was the best. It’s automated, it’s a one-time set-up and it’s simple to use. We just loved it from the start.” 

– Ray Duong, Finance Analyst at Argus Software

Global compliance. Now easier than ever.

LandedCost Calculator API

Integrate the LandedCost Calculator API with your online shopping cart or accounting system for a seamless automated experience. Enter the tariff code, get an accurate rate. Avalara’s engine makes finding the right rate simple.

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