Automate fuel tax filing

Avalara Government provides a complete solution for automation of fuel tax filing and audit processes. Through electronic filing and schedule validation, errors are reduced, thus improving compliance and speeding cash flow. By eliminating paper returns and enabling automated workflow, internal productivity is increased and customer service is improved. In addition, agencies can tailor Avalara Government to their unique requirements for tax reporting and integration into existing government accounting systems.

By improving audit efficiency and effectiveness, Avalara Government enables both more audits and more directed audits. Using cross-match analysis to reconcile multiple filers participating in the same transaction, errors, omissions, and fraud can be quickly identified. Compliance analysis and audit management processes work together to increase tax findings per audit and grow tax revenues.

Avalara is the industry leader in fuel tax automation. Over the years, fuel industry tax professionals and taxing jurisdictions have both come to trust us to determine and file taxes reliably and accurately. Avalara Government is uniquely purpose-built for motor fuels excise taxes, one of the most complex taxes today.

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Key Benefits:

  • Improve tax compliance through e-filing, error detection, automated tax calculation, and increased audit coverage
  • Increase audit efficiency and effectiveness through cross-matching analysis, return reconciliation, and audit management
  • Reduce administrative costs by eliminating paper returns and automating manual processes
  • Increase tax revenues through greater compliance and audit effectiveness
  • Improve cash flow through electronic payment processing, faster error detection, and improved taxpayer communications

Key Features:

  • Electronic Filing and Payment Processing – E-filing using FTA-compliant schedules, returns, reports, and amendments in EDI or XML formats, or simple on-line import of CSV/Excel files. Direct, secure credit card, ACH, and EFT payments
  • Schedule Validation and Calculation of Motor Fuels Excise Taxes and Reports – Detect data errors and eliminate calculation errors to improve tax compliance.
  • Compliance Analysis and Audit Management – Custom reporting, ad hoc reporting, and cross-match analysis to identify errors, omissions, and fraud by reconciling information provided by multiple filers participating in the same transaction. Manage and track the audit process from beginning to end.
  • Taxpayer Account Management and Communications – Manage taxpayer registration, license application and renewal management, account balance tracking, bonding requirements, penalty/interest charges, and multiple taxpayer communication methods in support of collections.
  • Automated Workflow and Policy Management – Track status of key processes and automate rules to route tasks to required resource or approver. Enables automation of license application, license renewal, payments, refunds, audit, and collection processes and policies.

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