See how trailblazing companies are winning in ecommerce

PSFK and Avalara bring you the playbook on how today’s top retailers are mapping tomorrow’s path to purchase with technology

Today's consumer approaches digital retail with outsize expectations for consistency, convenience, and personalization, regardless of where and how they choose to shop.

—Scott Lachut, Partner/President, Research & Strategy, PSFK

The new customer experience

To see what tomorrow’s customer journey will be like, look to the trailblazing companies who are redefining it today.

PSFK’s Digital Commerce Playbook: How Tomorrow’s Ecommerce Leaders Deliver Exceptional Customer Experience describes the key trends and technologies retailers should adopt across the five customer experience (CX) stages in the digital shopping journey. 

Five CX stages in the digital path to purchase

1. Shopper Marketing & Discovery

Discover who’s using social feeds, mobile applications, even wearables and home technologies, to act as shopping platforms.

2. Store Experience & Design

Learn about mobile and digital portals that personalize a shopper’s online browsing experience based on a consumer’s unique shopping behavior.

3. Shopper Education & Experience

Find out who’s investing in AI-powered chatbots, authentication tools, and curation services to help consumers navigate the product catalog. 

4. Transactions, Payments & Tax

Learn about how financial software and back-end technology improve the transaction and checkout process.

5. Fulfillment & Post-Purchase Support

See how innovative retailers offer near-instantaneous fulfillment with tailored delivery options to suit every consumer lifestyle.

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Highlights from Stage One: Shopper Marketing & Discovery

The way consumers discover products is changing, as barriers no longer exist between media, retail, and checkout platforms. Successful retailers know where their shoppers are spending their time outside of the retail cycle and use technology that blends social and content platforms into a fluid purchase path.

Key findings:

  • Dynamic outreach is leading the charge in customer engagement. Companies like Stitch Fix and Snapchat use AI and machine learning to deliver personalized messaging to drive higher engagement with consumers.
  • Innovative brands like Adidas and Walmart blur the lines between retail and social media by enabling consumers to browse and discover products within social media apps.
  • Companies like The New York Times Magazine use image recognition technology to give readers access to videos, animations, music, and more — straight from their print publications.

63% of online shoppers are more open to sharing personal information if it means brands and retailers can better anticipate their needs.

—Shoppers Demand Superior eCommerce Experiences: Consumer Expectations in 2019. Avionos, 2019

Get a view into tomorrow’s CX strategies:

  • Impact of COVID-19 on ecommerce trends
  • Key findings on consumer behavior trends
  • What digital CX and technology look like in 2020 and beyond
  • Breakdown of the five CX stages in the digital path to purchase
  • Action plans for a next gen ecommerce experience

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About this report

The Digital Commerce Playbook presents the key trends and technologies across five stages in the purchase journey retailers, brands, and businesses should adopt to deliver best-in-class customer experience that drives engagement and loyalty. Insights learned can help companies understand the changing expectations of today’s consumers, explore leading edge CX innovations, and prioritize their software and solutions investment road map.