See how trailblazing companies are winning in ecommerce

PSFK and Avalara bring you the playbook on how today’s top retailers are mapping tomorrow’s path to purchase with technology

Today's consumer approaches digital retail with outsize expectations for consistency, convenience, and personalization, regardless of where and how they choose to shop.

—Scott Lachut, Partner/President, Research & Strategy, PSFK

The new customer experience

To see what tomorrow’s customer journey will be like, look to the trailblazing companies who are redefining it today.

PSFK’s Digital Commerce Playbook: How Tomorrow’s Ecommerce Leaders Deliver Exceptional Customer Experience describes the key trends and technologies retailers should adopt across the five customer experience (CX) stages in the digital shopping journey. 

Five CX stages in the digital path to purchase

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Highlights from Stage Four: Transactions, Payments & Tax

Top retailers enlist digital solutions to ensure a consistent, convenient, and secure checkout and payment experience across all channels.

Key findings:

  • 57% of online shoppers worldwide are making cross-border purchases from international retailers. 
  • The average cart abandonment rate was 69.57% in 2019, with 53% of shoppers citing unexpected costs (shipping, tax, and fees) as the main cause.
  • Automation can upgrade the customer experience as well as back-end operations. Improve accuracy and increase productivity by reducing manual entry through automated payments, conversion, and tax systems.

87% of online shoppers will abandon their carts if checkout is complex — and 55% will abandon the retailer.

—Hindsight Is 2020, Accenture, 2020

Get a view into tomorrow’s CX strategies:

  • Impact of COVID-19 on ecommerce trends
  • Key findings on consumer behavior trends
  • What digital CX and technology look like in 2020 and beyond
  • Breakdown of the five CX stages in the digital path to purchase
  • Action plans for a next gen ecommerce experience

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About this report

The Digital Commerce Playbook presents the key trends and technologies across five stages in the purchase journey retailers, brands, and businesses should adopt to deliver best-in-class customer experience that drives engagement and loyalty. Insights learned can help companies understand the changing expectations of today’s consumers, explore leading edge CX innovations, and prioritize their software and solutions investment road map.