States and dates

A state-by-state guide for sales tax returns filing and remittance

50 states, 50 different filing requirements. How do you keep track of it all?

When you register to do business in a state, you essentially become a sales tax collector for the state. Your company is expected to collect sales tax on taxable transactions and remit the appropriate amount to the jurisdiction, which requires a lot of time, energy, and resources. While this may not be the most exciting part of doing business, it's critical to maintaining compliance.

To help you stay organized and informed, the state-specific due dates and links to state tax authority websites are below. This won’t file your sales tax returns for you, but can at least put you on the right path. 

Filing due dates by state

as of June 12, 2019

The map below shows the filing due date for monthly filers. Based on your company’s sales tax liability, you're assigned a filing frequency (for example: monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually, etc.) and your filing due date varies based on your assigned frequency. Be sure to look up specific state schedules if you're not filing sales tax returns on a monthly basis. 

While this guide is updated periodically and when appropriate, please visit state tax authorities listed in the table below for the most current data by state.

State-by-state due dates and state tax authority websites

State Due date (for monthly filers) Tax authority website
Alabama 20th of the month Alabama Department of Revenue 
Alaska No state sales tax, but allows home rules and local jurisdiction due dates vary  Alaska Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development 
Arizona  20th of the month  Arizona Department of Revenue 
Arkansas 20th of the month Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration
California Last day of the month  California Department of Tax and Fee Administration
Colorado 20th of the month  Colorado Department of Revenue 
Connecticut Last day of the month  Connecticut Department of Revenue Services
Delaware No state sales tax Delaware Division of Revenue
State Due date (for monthly filers) Tax authority website
Florida 1st of the month Florida Department of Revenue 
Georgia 20th of the month Georgia Department of Revenue 
Hawaii 20th of the month State of Hawaii Department of Taxation
Idaho 20th of the month Idaho State Tax Commission
Illinois 20th of the month Illinois Department of Revenue 
Indiana 20th of the month  Indiana Department of Revenue 
Iowa 20th of the month Iowa Department of Revenue
Kansas 25th of the month  Kansas Department of Revenue
Kentucky 20th of the month Kentucky Department of Revenue
State Due date (for monthly filers) Tax authority website
Louisiana 20th of the month Louisiana Department of Revenue
Maine 15th of the month Maine Revenue Services
Maryland 20th of the month Comptroller of Maryland
Massachusetts 20th of the month Massachusetts Department of Revenue
Michigan 20th of the month  Michigan Department of Treasury
Minnesota 20th of the month  Minnesota Department of Revenue 
Mississippi 20th of the month Mississippi Department of Revenue
Missouri 20th of the month
Missouri Department of Revenue
Montana No state sales tax Montana Department of Revenue 
State Due date (for monthly filers) Tax authority website
Nebraska 20th of the month  Nebraska Department of Revenue
Nevada Last day of the month State of Nevada Department of Taxation
New Hampshire No state sales tax New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration 
New Jersey 20th of the month New Jersey Department of the Treasury
New Mexico 25th of the month New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department
New York 20th of the month  New York Department of Taxation and Finance
North Carolina 20th of the month  North Carolina Department of Revenue
North Dakota Last day of the month  North Dakota Office of State Tax Commissioner
Ohio 23rd of the month Ohio Department of Taxation
Oklahoma  20th of the month  Oklahoma Tax Commission
Oregon No state sales tax Oregon Department of Revenue 
Pennsylvania 20th of the month Pennsylvania Department of Revenue
Puerto Rico  20th of the month SURI
State Due date (for monthly filers) Tax authority website
Rhode Island 20th of the month Rhode Island Department of Revenue
South Carolina 20th of the month  South Carolina Department of Revenue
South Dakota 20th of the month  South Dakota Department of Revenue 
Tennessee 20th of the month Tennessee Department of Revenue
Texas 20th of the month Texas Controller of Public Accounts
Utah Last day of the month Utah State Tax Commission
Vermont 25th of the month Vermont Department of Taxes 
Virginia 20th of the month Virginia Department of Taxation 
State Due date (for monthly filers) Tax authority website
Washington 25th of the month  Washington State Department of Revenue 
Washington, D.C 20th of the month Office of Tax and Revenue
West Virginia 20th of the month West Virginia State Tax Department 
Wisconsin Last day of the month with one exception: Early monthly sales tax filers are required to file by the 20th of the month  Wisconsin Department of Revenue 
Wyoming  Last day of the month Wyoming Department of Revenue

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